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American Craftsmanship

American Craftsmanship

Our tagline reads, “European design. American craftsmanship.” Two distinct qualities that define both our systems, and our strategy.

European design is internationally coveted for its unique adherence to conceptual beauty amidst an increasingly analytical world, and rightfully so. Design is woven into education in culture, manifesting in an artistic perspective that permeates industries from fashion to architecture. In the window industry, European design translates to superior weather performance and security. Each window and door is capable of draining water, not just repelling it, and interior glazing prevents exterior disassembly.

Likewise, American craftsmanship continues to define innovation. The precision of our technology is simply unmatched. There is no substitute for quality, and we have quality down to a science.

American-made isn’t just a preference, it’s an advantage. From the factory to the jobsite, LuxView delivers. Our best-in-class technology and specialized team ensure each project is carried out with diligence and precision. Operating domestically allows us to offer superior lead times and responsiveness, transforming month-long conversations into hours.  This is due in-part to an in-house engineering team focused entirely on fulfilling your design needs, no matter how crazy they sound out loud – we like those ones.

At our headquarters in Nashville, TN, you’ll find the factory separated from the main office only by our minimalist systems, emblematic of the collaborative culture we thrive on. The diversity of perspective and knowledge from sales to assembly, united by a single passion means we all have something to learn. Ultimately, your vision is our priority and we put all hands on deck to deliver it.

If you’re out West, visit our service facility in Salt Lake City, UT. There, you can get your hands on our wide array of products and meet our team of experts.

As we continue to grow, one view at a time, we remain committed to manufacturing LuxView systems here in the United States.