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Warranty & Product Registration

LuxView products are designed, engineered, and handcrafted to last for generations. Our goal is simple. Create stunning spaces with doors and windows that become statement pieces in each home we’re a part of. Whether you are an architect, builder or homeowner, we’ve got your back. Why? Because this is not just a business, this is our passion!

Warranty Summary

All LuxView Glass carries a 10 year warranty. LuxView painted finishes carry a 10 year warranty, and anodized finishes have a 3 year warranty. LuxView Hardware – locks, hinges, and components, carry a 10 year warranty for single family residences, and 3 years for non-single family residential applications. Electronic components and motors, factory installed, have a 3 year warranty. The best part? Our team is passionate about what we do and ready to help whenever you have a question or problem. Give us a call – we’re always ready to talk glass!

The LuxView warranty requires proper installation by LuxView personnel or a factory certified installer, in a suitable location and environment. This warranty is non-transferable and has no deductible or pro-rated coverage. Warranty coverage includes replacement of defective parts only.

Warranty & Product Registration Form

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