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What is European Design & American Craftsmanship?

LuxView Slide panoramic glass install with corner glass

What is European Design & American Craftsmanship?

What is Does  “European Design American Craftsmanship.” Mean?

LuxView doors and windows can be quite complex. From the precision multi-track systems to the triple-pane insulative glass with sound dampening properties. Our systems are engineered to withstand the toughest environments and perform flawlessly. With the end result is something incredibly simple – amazing views of both the exterior and interior of your home.

Part of the beauty of a LuxView Slide system or Tilt+Turn window is this elegant simplicity. The tagline “European Design American Craftsmanship.”, was born from this simplicity and easily sums up what we do in a few words. Each LuxView product is designed in Europe where minimalist design principles are revered. But minimalist design is only as good as the engineering that supports it, and our Spanish engineering team is best-in-class, with decades of experience when it comes to sashes, tracks, sills, lock systems, and everything else that comprises complex window and door systems. All of this results in a thoughtfully designed, engineered and hand-assembled product line.

Why LuxView?

The LuxView team of glass door and window fabrication experts have decades of experience in precision assembly and engineering. But that’s not enough. No, LuxView realizes that great design and fabrication are only as good as the installation team that manages the final install in each client’s home. That’s why we own and manage the entire sales process from design and specification, through install. Our installers have decades of experience and have seen it all. We know all of the key areas to check and inspect during the fenestration process. We believe so strongly in LuxView products that we back them with a 10 year warranty on materials and labor, more than double that of most competitors. So when we say “European Design American Craftsmanship.”, it’s not just a slogan, it’s an entire way of doing business at LuxView.

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