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European Design

European Design

European design has permeated culture across the globe for centuries. It is defined by beauty and desirability, engaging the senses in a way that numbers cannot. This is due in large part to a rich culture that explores art instead of channeling it. Artists and designers are encouraged to think outside of the box and move the needle of possibility.

Much of this influence can be found in architecture, especially in custom projects designed to be one of a kind. More and more, minimalism is taking over the residential market, meaning windows and doors are transforming from accessory to staple. Expansive glass reveals uninhibited views and allows a connection with the environment that walls simply cannot. Aesthetics are key, indoors and out.

LuxView’s European design blends with the environment, but not just aesthetically. We’re defined but you see, and separated by what you don’t. Here’s how:

To provide industry-leading climate performance, we design our systems not just to resist water, but to drain it. Our thermally-broken profiles and insulated glass ensure that your home is protected from harsh winters and humid summers.

Maximum security is achieved throughout every system, from the frame to the glass. Interior glazing prevents exterior disassembly and our hardware is tested for over 2,000 openings. Pair these with a multi-point locking system and you’ll find that access is as exclusive as the view.

As much as we can boast minimal sight lines, we’ll save the breath. LuxView systems are more than an art exhibit, and you are more than an audience. Seamless operability and customizable functionality give you control over what you see, feel, and hear.

Your home is a story, and LuxView windows and doors will hand you the pen.