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HVHZ Certified

HVHZ Certified

LuxView is proud to announce that the following systems are HVHZ-certified with the State of Florida:

Through a 3rd party tested, verified, and approved process, we have been granted quality assurance by the National Accreditation and Management Institute. A perfect demonstration of the impact of in-house engineering, we’re not just bringing our flagship product to the Sunshine State, but all of our signature systems. This initiative was driven by our team’s passion for design without compromise, and ambition for unparalleled delivery.

HVHZ certification is the essence of what we mean when we say, “defined by what you see, separated by what you don’t.” Minimal site lines and effortless operation are visually stunning, but cosmetic. Homes aren’t visited, they’re lived in, so it is crucial that our systems perform even better than they look.

Our Slide 54 Hidden is in exclusive company as one of the only HVHZ-certified sliding glass doors with a hidden sill on the market. Coastal homes are the pinnacle of the indoor-outdoor lifestyle that we promote, and this product ensures a seamless transition in style.

From the coast of Florida to the high peaks of Colorado and beyond, we are redefining possible. Visit our impact certification page to learn more!