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Meet: FIX

Luxview Glass Window and Outdoor Garden

Meet: FIX

Nothing that is still can be beautiful on accident. Fix is no exception.

In a word, our fixed window is minimal. A sub-2-inch frame width is hard to find as it is, and completely invisible with our optional buried frame. Its depth is a slim 2.75 inches, inside and out, and the entire system can support single panel sizes up to 120 square feet. Besides the originality of your aesthetic, Fix offers maximum views with no distractions. The ability to join a multitude of windows together in sequence expands your horizon, literally.

More glass, less hardware.

Why is this important?

As much as we agree that a stunning view engages the senses, we can’t prove it. On the other hand, the positive impacts of sunlight on mental health and cognition are backed by countless studies.

Fix is not a decoration. If it was, there wouldn’t be decades of research woven into its design and functionality. Thermally-broken profiles and insulated glass provide industry-leading climate and acoustic performance. Our Salt Lake City office can attest, not every beautiful view is worth standing in. Whether it’s cotton-candy skies or snowfall over the valley, you’ll see every moment and feel none of them.