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More than a door – Pivot is a statement.

With this system, innovative design and premium hardware allow a unique, pivoting opening functionality. Rather than swinging open, the door rotates over an axis that’s nonadjacent to the doorjamb, leaving space on both sides at a 90-degree opening. Even with massive sizes up to 13 ft tall, the operation is effortless.

There are multiple distinguished handles for the Pivot door. The embedded handle is simply stunning, removing any protruding features from the face of the door. It is backlit with LED to ensure that the door is as easy to use in the night as it is during the day. The ladder handle is a second, classy option that presents a long, cylindrical handle that emphasizes the grandness of the system.

A key component of LuxView’s Pivot door is the edge-to-edge glass technology. The G series of Pivot boasts nothing but glass on the face of the door. If glass isn’t your vision, Pivot S features a solid panel face for a dark aesthetic and increased privacy.

Security is the standard here at LuxView, but in step with its aesthetic, Pivot allows you to go above and beyond with its thumbprint activated smart security system. With the European multi-point locking system, you will never question the strength or reliability of your door. As with all LuxView systems, Pivot comes with thermally broken profiles and insulated glass for superior climate and acoustic performance.

Pivot comes in several forms including:

  • Pivot 77G
  • Pivot 80S
  • Pivot 115 G & S

The system is available alone or in configuration with other LuxView systems such as Fix or Tilt+Turn. Depending on your preference, you can chose open-in right, open-in left, or two center-opening French doors.

To learn more, go to luxviewsystems.com/pivot, or visit one of our showrooms in Nashville, TN, or Salt Lake City, UT.