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Meet: SKY

Meet: SKY

Minimal doesn’t do it justice – Sky is invisible. Custom engineered with massive glass sizes, mounting options, and zero interior frame reveal, you’ll experience every blue sky and starry night from the comfort of your home.

LuxView’s minimal skylight window is a truly impactful system. Instead of simply looking out, you can look up. As poet Alfred Kreymborg wrote, “the sky is that beautiful old parchment in which the sun and the moon keep their diary.” Yet, beauty isn’t the only benefit. Countless studies have shown that natural sunlight yields health benefits such as vitamin boosts, improved sleep, and even wards off seasonal depression. Sky is an opportunity not just for your home, but for you.

It’s difficult to describe Sky without mentioning the stunning zero interior frame reveal. From the inside of your home, the frame is quite literally invisible. These aren’t small openings either. Our skylight reaches over 75 square feet, and has the option of joined panels. Other customization includes flat, tilted, square, or angled orientation, optional anodized frame, and solar control glass to mitigate heavy light into the house.

There are two Skylight options:

  • Skylight 104
  • Skylight 130

104 is our standard option, with a max width of 5 feet. 130 is slightly larger, designed for a max width of 8 feet and square footage up to 75 feet.

Our in-house engineering team is ready to realize any vision you have for your space. To learn more, visit luxviewsystems.com/sky or come see us at our Nashville or Salt Lake City showrooms!