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LuxView Tilt+Turn in Austin


Tilt to breathe fresh air, Turn to let it all in.

For lovers of versatility, Tilt+Turn combines multiple opening functionalities to provide a system of year-round utility. To complement its unique operability, Tilt+Turn features LuxView’s proprietary hinges and hidden latch hardware to minimalize distractions.

The first tilt and turn window was designed in Germany in the 1950s when manufacturers sought a new strategy for dual capabilities in a window. Formerly, single glazed windows were installed one in front of the other with different functionalities to achieve this.

Tilt and turn windows operate by the turning of one handle with three positions, each allowing a different operation. Resting (0 degrees), the window is sealed in a fixed position. At 90 degrees, the window functions like a swing door. Finally, at 180 degrees, the window tilts from the top, creating a top ventilation opening for fresh air.

Though operation is standard for the style, LuxView’s Tilt+Turn window is different.

Tilt+Turn’s expansive sizing capabilities reach up to 94’’ in height, and 51’’ in width, all while preserving a 2.5’’ frame width. This massive glass is supported by thermally broken profiles that provide premier climate performance and acoustic insulation.

There are two categorical options for the Tilt+Turn window:

  • T+T 77
  • T+T 80

Within these options is the ability to combine two panels together, or join the Tilt+Turn with our other systems such as Fix, Swing, and Wall.

LuxView’s Tilt+Turn is a representation of our tagline, “European design, American craftsmanship.” We took a European style window, and gave it new life through our manufacturing capabilities here in Nashville, TN.

To learn more, visit luxviewsystems.com/tilt-turn-windows or come visit us in Nashville, TN, or Salt Lake City, UT to experience impossible firsthand.