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Meet: WALL

Meet: WALL

Your creative canvas.

LuxView’s glass wall façade is the ultimate display of massive glass and minimal sight lines, spanning areas that seem impossible. Each Wall system is custom designed to spec with the unified vision of minimizing the distraction between you and your view.

Reaching up to 25 feet high and 90 square feet for a single panel, the only limits are your imagination. Despite expansive sizes, Wall sports a sub-1’’ interior frame reveal and multiple sill options. To meet enhanced strength requirements, the Wall 52T extends the section depth and maintains the minimal sight line.

Wall comes with thermally broken profiles and insulated glass with several glazing options. From a fierce blizzard to lightning in a rainstorm, you will be able to see everything and worry about nothing.

Customization is the essence of our window wall. Our in-house engineering team thrives on exciting new ideas for configurations, and works intently to realize your vision, in any shape or size. Take advantage of our custom color options, though you won’t be seeing much of it.

For inspiration, visit our project gallery, Wall product page, or come see us at our showrooms in Nashville, TN, or Salt Lake City, UT.