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Sandeul Breeze

This single-story, minimalist oasis is a testament to the harmony of architecture and environment in the rolling hills of Austin, TX. Unifying the gravity of open-floor design with massive glass, Sean Shin materialized his vision of boundless space. Characterized by its spacious great room and a curated interior, Sandeul Breeze is simplicity, reimagined.

Project Overview

  • 28 total positions
  • 1883 glass square footage
  • 4100 square foot home
  • Austin, TX

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LuxView creates inspired environments that enhance the views and design aesthetic of your space by seamlessly integrating the indoors and outdoors. We lead the industry with European design and American craftsmanship. LuxView sliding glass doors combine minimal site-lines, expansive sizes, and effortless movement for a unique experience that elevates your space and enhances the natural view.


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